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water rising in Sundarbans May 6, 2008

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The deltas of Sundarbans are located in the Bengal bassin region.It is the world ‘s largest delta and mangrove forest. In these places, water rising is particularly noticeable. Sundarbans is an ecological park which is about to disapear. Moreover people living there are threatened, they might have to be displaced and lose their native land.

This kind of issue will increase all around the world in the next decade. Ecological issues ,displaced peoples will created geopolitical conflicts. Water rising is a reality, and government have to be aware about it, take the right decision if we want to save ecological resources and endangered people.


You can visit these following web site to see this real case of a threatening region.




Amazonian forest

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Deforestation of Amazonian forest represents a real danger for all of us. Indeed, one of its consequences is the disappearance of native-born peoples : their surroundings are ruined. Theye can’t survive without forest, animals to hunt.. We know that after being thrown out, they often go to a town. Then there are problems of poverty, alcoholism, racism,… We can act against that phenomenon. There are NGO which put in place actions (petitions, demonstrations,..) or which just denounce in order to make the people aware about this situation. Even if it is too late for most of them, we can act for the others.

If you want to know more about deforestation, click here.

WWF fights to stop deforestation : click there to go on there website.



About a people in Africa

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Searching interesting websites, i find a link of an asociation protecting a people in africa wich seems to exist since thouthan years : the San

A people in armony with his environement which is about desapearing…

Let me give you the link of this association for more details.


A painting which might make us thinking on they point of view about us.



just to understand the priorities of our society

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When you try to find information online about endangered people’s, you can find a list of 318 000 websites. it seems to be quite a long list but when you tipe “monsanto” you may find 4 500 000 links and 6 930 000 for OGM… It’s just said in term of comparision but when you search “Angelina Jolie” you find the astronimic number of 35 900 000 websites….

What is the more important between a people desaparition and the agronomic safety of the word? I cant answer myself. But having more information about the life of a single actor than about million of people dying seems to be a bit ridiculus to me.

What is your point of view?



José Gualinga in Paris (in Spanish) April 24, 2008

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A week ago, from 9th to 11th of april José Gualinga, member of Sarayacu community and president of “Frontière de vie” came in Paris.


Sarayacu, fighting against oil industry

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Sarayacu community is from the kichwa people of Amazonian forest in Ecuador. This community is a member of the OPIP (Organización de Pueblos Indígenas de Pastaza). Since few decades this community fights against petrol companies to preserve their territory.


Conflict story1989 : they stop ARCO from finishing the petrol exploration in there territory
1996 : Ecuadorian government and the CGC (Compañìa General de Combustibles)of Argentina sign a contract of oil exploration in the territory of the community
1999 : the American company Chevron become shareholder at 50% of the exploitation. In 2001 Chevron and Texaco amalgamate.
2000 : CGC begins a politic of division. They convince some communities, giving inhabitants some paidwork, to let them exploit their territory. But Sarayacu still resists.

From that moment on, the community and the OPIP don't stop fighting against Chevron Texaco and the CGC.


 Engineer of CGC surrounded by soldiers               

Sarayacu website


water wars?

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when the access to water will begin a problem, we will start to see conflict as we see actualy for oil.

It can even been worse because water is essential while oil is “just” economicly important. A lot of contries have restricive access to drinkable water, and are completly dependant of the neighbour countries.

let me take an article from a very interesting website http://www.flatrock.org.nz/topics/environment/effluent_for_the_affluent.htm



“Water Fight

Egypt, whose population of 68 million may reach 97 million by 2025, gets essentially no rainfall.  All agriculture is irrigated by seasonal floods from the Nile River, and from water stored behind the Aswan High Dam.  Any interference with water flow by Sudan or Ethiopia could starve Egypt.


“The Nile is one I worry about,” says Sandra Postel, director of the Global Water Policy Project.  Egypt, she says, is militarily powerful but vulnerable.  “The hydropolitics might favor some military action, because Egypt is so heavily dependent on the Nile, it’s already virtually tapping out the supply, and Ethiopia is now getting interested in developing the headwaters.”

When a World Bank official suggested several years ago that water wars are not far off, he might have had Egypt on his mind – or Turkey, Syria and Iraq, another trio of Middle-Eastern states that are locked in an uncomfortable embrace over water.

The Tigris and Euphrates Rivers both rise in Turkey and flow unimpeded to Syria and Iraq, where they provide the bulk of irrigation water needed in the arid climate.  Turkey has proposed a series of dams that would reduce river flow.  That causes alarm downstream.”